What is the procedure in buying a house and lot?

Procedure in buying a House and Lot

  1. Visit the model house of the Housing Project personally or through your representative.

– Schedule for Tripping (inform us 1 day in advance for scheduling with Mivivienda office)

– We will inform you of the designated pick-up points (pick-up point nearest to the client).  Tripping vehicle will bring you the housing project, the model units and the amenities of the site.

  1. Choose the location of block and lot number and house color through the Developer’s Sales Map.  (Complete Master Plan of the property, map of every subdivision on the site office)
  2. Decide what will be your mode and terms of payment.

Mode of Payment:

–          In-house Financing

–          Bank Financing

–          Cash Deferred Payment – 24 equal monthly installments ZERO interest

–          Spot Cash Payment – avail of discount if fully paid within 6 months

  1. Fill-up Buyer’s Information Sheet (BIS) and Reservation Agreement (RA).
  2. Pay the reservation fee. (Cash, Check or Credit Card)
  3. Get from developer’s office/property specialists list of Requirements and Documents to be submitted together with signed forms.  Must be submitted within 60 days from reservation date.
  4. Pay first your monthly downpayment 30-45 days from reservation date.  After full downpayment, start paying your monthly amortization.
  5. Upon full downpayment, you may now inspect your house in preparation for transfer or move-in.
  6. Sign house acceptance after inspection.
  7. You may now apply for Meralco (3 weeks) and water connection (3 days) thru developer’s office (selected projects only).  While waiting for electric connection, developer will allow you to get electric connection through sub-meter connection within the village.
  8. Upon house acceptance, you’ll be allowed to construct interior and exterior improvements and expansion.  Just get approval from developer’s office.  Approval from the developer is free, fast and easy.  You’ll only have to pay for the Building Permit from the local municipal office.

February 09, 2017