A Fresh Start: Moving to Cavite in a Single Detached House and Lot

Owning your first house often means having it built from scratch on a lot of your choice. But sometimes even if you have the sqm to make your dream house, you might not be in your dream neighborhood.

It’s hard to find a house and lot of your choice in a dense city like Metro Manila. It’s convenient to own one there but its quite expensive to maintain. You could look somewhere else like the province of Cavite for a fresh start.

Looking to the South

Cavite is the place to be for a convenient yet easygoing lifestyle. It’s close to Metro Manila, has access to popular tourist sites, has plenty of gated communities with affordable house and lots, and is ripe with job opportunities.

You can leave the Metro behind if you wish to do so and you need a place to plant your roots down.

Single Detached Homes, Is it for You?

This type of home exists to give you the liberty of turning an existing house really into your own. It has the entire lot to itself and has room for expansion. No need to worry much about the neighbors because you’re not sharing walls and has some distance apart unlike a townhouse.

You’ll have the privacy, security, comfort, and the ability to renovate as you please so long as its within the lot’s boundaries.

As for the price, it depends on the lot size, floor area, location, number of rooms, and the state of the house (complete, semi-complete, ready for occupancy, or pre-selling).

Consider these as you look for a house and lot in Cavite. It’ll help you plan carefully.

The Perfect Location Within Cavite

Think about this before you make a move: the right location for your new home will depend on your needs. You’ll want to look at Bacoor, Imus, and Dasmarinas because these are popular places to own a single detached house and lot for the following reasons:

  • Bacoor – Ease of Access to Metro Manila

Bacoor is the closest city to Metro Manila. All it takes is one UV express ride to get you to Bacoor and back to Metro Manila. It’s very convenient if you’re working in the Metro, the occasional traffic being considered as well.

  • Imus – Job Opportunities

You can also find work from within Cavite. No need to bear the long commutes since there are a lot of employment opportunities in Imus City. You’ll find financial institutions, industrial centers, BPO industry, and also manufacturing centers.

A good place that demonstrates this is Lancaster New City. It’s a gated community in Imus, Cavite that has house and lots near a commercial district along with an IT Park which houses BPOs.

  • Dasmarinas – Balanced Lifestyle

Enjoy the bustling city life without sacrificing the comfort of living in the province. Dasmarinas city has plenty of commercial establishments ranging from shopping malls, fast food, groceries, restaurants, and more.

You simply have all the essentials for leisure and you won’t have to go to Manila to experience all this. Dasmarinas is the perfect place to settle for the adventurous types looking for convenience.

Choose Where to Settle

With these details about single attached homes and information about the lay of the land, you’ll be sure to find a house and lot of your choice in Cavite. Check back here if you need to refer to this guide again. Remember to take your time planning and always be practical to find the best possible deal and location for your home.

July 04, 2019